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Mission & Vision


Mission: To establish American Dance Machine for the 21st Century as a leading center for musical theater dance and to perpetuate the excellence of this genre through the preservation, presentation and education of classic and current notable, as well as the creation of new works, of musical theater choreography.


Vision: To create and maintain a “Living Archive” of great works of musical theater choreography


  • To reconstruct, present and preserve significant stage, film and television musical theater dance works with the integrity to which they were created

  • To entertain, educate and inspire audiences with historical accuracy of style and technique.

  • To demonstrate the value of musical theater dance choreography

    • Through careful research and reconstruction

    • With the utmost respect for how the dance relates to the source of the choreographers’ inspiration

    • To do justice to those works that stand alone as outstanding entertainment.

  • To establish an educational program with a unique curriculum of dance and theater related arts

    • To provide a fully realized understanding of musical theater dance styles with increased knowledge and historical reference.

    • To unite the work of musical theater's founding choreographers and teachers with current styles and trends.

 American Dance Machine for the 21st Century is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

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