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Reconstructed Works


We sincerely thank the great Choreographers, Stagers, Coaches, and Dancers who give us their hard work, talent, and dedication. We cannot achieve our vision without you.

If you would like to SAVE A DANCE or become a Reconstruction Sponsor
Beale Street Blues.jpg
Jack Cole

"Beale Street Blues" coached by Chita Rivera and Wayne Cilento and “Rahadlakum” and “Carnival of Flanders” staged by Ed Kresley

Mr. Monotony.jpg
Jerome Robbins

"Mr. Monotony" and "Charleston" from Billion Dollar Baby, staged by Robert La Fosse

Oklahoma Dream Ballet.jpg
Agnes de Mille

"Dream Ballet" from Oklahoma! coached by Gemze de Lappe

Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar.jpg
Bob Fosse

"Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar" from Big Deal staged and coached by Kathryn Doby and Nicole Fosse, "Manson Trio" from Pippin, staged and coached by Pamela Sousa

Music and the Mirror.jpg
Michael Bennett

"Music and the Mirror" from A Chorus Line staged and coached by Donna McKechnie and a medley from A Chorus Line (“Audition”, “Music and the Mirror” and “One”) staged and coached by Donna McKechnie and Wayne Cilento; and "Turkey Lurkey Time" from Promises, Promises staged by Donna McKechnie, Margo Sappington, and Baayork Lee

Gotta Dance.jpg
Gene Kelly

"Gotta Dance" from Singin' in the Rain

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.jpg
Gower Champion

"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" staged by Margo Sappington, coached by Marge Champion AND "Audition" from 42nd Street, staged and coached by Randy Skinner

The FIght.jpg
Donald McKayle

"Fight Scene" from Golden Boy

Dear Quincy FINAL.jpg
Geoffrey Holder

"Dear Quincy" staged by Leo Holder

Moon-Faced Starry-Eyed.jpg
Patricia Birch

"Moon-Faced, Starry-Eyed" from Street Scene, staged by Daniel Levans, coached by Patricia Birch

We'll Take a Glass Together.jpg
Tommy Tune

"We'll Take a Glass Together" from Grand Hotel staged by Niki Harris, "Our Favorite Son" from The Will Rogers Follies staged by Patti D'Beck AND "Doin' the Production Code" from A Day in Hollywood, a Night in the Ukraine staged by Albert Stephenson

Simply Irresistible.jpg
Susan Stroman

"Simply Irresistible" from Contact AND "Slap That Bass" from Crazy for You coached by Susan Stroman

Pick Yourself Up.jpg
Jerry Mitchell

"Pick Yourself Up" from Never Gonna Dance, staged by Greg Graham, coached by Jerry Mitchell

Thoroughly Modern Millie.jpg
Rob Ashford

"Thoroughly Modern Millie" from Thoroughly Modern Millie staged by Christopher Bailey, coached by Rob Ashford

Sweet Georgia Brown.jpg
Billy Wilson

"Sweet Georgia Brown" from Bubblin' Brown Sugar staged by Carla Earle

That Rhythm Man.jpg
Henry LeTang

"That Rhythm Man" from Black and Blue staged by Dianne Walker and Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards

Joe Layton

"Popularity" from George M! staged by Lars Rosager

White Cat Solo.jpeg
Gillian Lynne

"White Cat Solo" from Cats coached by Gillian Lynne

Margo Sappington

"One on One" from Oh! Calcutta!, staged and coached by Margo Sappington

Where You Are.jpg
Rob Marshall and Vincent Patterson

"Where You Are" from Kiss of the Spiderwoman, staged by Lloyd Culbreath

20th Century Fox Mambo.jpg
Joshua Bergasse

"20th Century Fox Mambo" from SMASH

The Club.jpg
Andy Blankenbuehler

"The Club" from In the Heights staged by Luis Salgado and Stephanie Klemons, coached by Andy Blankenbuehler

Happy as the Day is Long.jpg
Warren Carlyle

"Happy as the Day is Long" from After Midnight staged by Jason Sparks, coached by Warren Carlyle

Pinball Wizard.jpg
Wayne Cilento

"Pinball Wizard" from Tommy AND "Coffee Break" from How to Succeed… coached by Wayne Cilento

Ron Lewis

"City Lights" from The Act staged by Albert Stephenson

Calling You.jpg
Mia Michaels

"Calling You" staged and coached by Mia Michaels

The Steps To Reconstruction


We secure the choreography and music rights from a selected musical theater show.


We engage the original choreographer or qualified stager to reconstruct the dance.


We select the dancers and featured performers, if needed, for rehearsal and performance.


A musical director and necessary musicians are booked to reproduce the original music for rehearsals and performance.


Rehearsal Space:
We begin the rehearsal process in a dance studio with dancers, stagers, and rehearsal pianists.


Videography and Photography:
We capture the process of rehearsal and performance.



We costume the dancers appropriately and present the finished piece to a live audience.


American Dance Machine for the 21st Century is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.
We are happy to answer related questions, please contact us.

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