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The School at ADM21


In the Beginning... There was Lee Theodore

Dance Magazine February 1978
Excerpts from “American Dance Machine: the Era of Reconstruction” by John Gruen


“’…Five, six, seven, eight… shake one shoulder, now the other… head to the left, head to the right… pivot and move back…’


“The sounds issuing from Studio A at New York’s elegant Harkness House are wild. A combo of bongos and electric guitar is going loud and crazy… Just what is happening in Studio A,where classical ballet classes are usually in progress…


“Indeed, these classes offer a survey of popular dance styles set within a context of the American musical theatre. And the whole range of these activities is only a part of the elaborate dance curriculum instituted by Lee Theodore, who only two short years ago invented something called the American Dance Machine.” (See the entire article.)

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