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Save a Dance!


Become a Member Today

As a Member of Save a Dance! your support of ADM21 propels our Living Mission with resources to cover essential costs of dance reconstruction, including:

  • Licensing:
    We secure the choreography and music rights


  • Stagers:
    We employ the original choreographer or qualified stager to reconstruct


  • Dancers:
    We employ dancers and featured artist


  • Musicians:
    We employ musical directors and musicians to reproduce original music


  • Rehearsal Space:
    We procure dance studios and accompanists to begin the rehearsal process


  • Videography and Photography:
    We record performances and rehearsals for archival and educational initiatives


  • Costumes:
    We costume the dancers appropriately and present the finished piece


as well as

ADM21 Virtual Video Series – a global audience development initiative

  • Salaries for dancer, stagers, and videographers

Reconstruction Sponsor | $1,500 - $15,000 +
Underwrite one or more key elements of a newly reconstructed work.
Star Sponsor | $25 - $1,499
Contribute to the ADM21 mission: preserving classic Broadway masterpieces.
Giving on a Shoestring | $1 - $24
Giving on a Shoestring Donors are valued members of the ADM21 family.

American Dance Machine for the 21st Century is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.
We are happy to answer related questions, please contact us.

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